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Investment Property Appraisals

Investment  Properties

We appraise properties up to 4 units, rental and investment properties 

Mortgage payments in arrears? Need an UNBIASED "pre-foreclosure appraisal?


Don't let the "bank" decide what your largest investment is worth without being an "informed" owner. We can help, contact a Certified Real Estate Appraiser today!

William L. Paul & Associates

Single Family Homes, Condominiums and  
2-4 Unit Properties, we have you covered!

We offer a wide range of appraisals for single family homes, condominiums & 2-4 unit properties



Whether you just want to know what your property is currently worth or you want to dispute your property tax  assessment or you may even be thinking of selling and want an UNBIASED OPINION of the current market value, a Certified real estate appraiser is your best bet!


This type of real estate appraisal determines a value as of a specific date in the past and is typically used for estate issues, this appraisal typically determines the market value as of the specific date of a person's passing/death.


Many homeowners disagree with the assessed value given to their home by the county assessor who determines the amount of real estate taxes to be levied on the property. Many county assessors allow the homeowner to submit a real estate appraisal to dispute their assessed value which in turn could lower your property taxes significantly.


The divorce process can become quite un-nerving real quickly. Opposing parties all have their own idea of what a property is worth. We can give you "peace of mind" in knowing that you are well informed  with an accurate real estate appraisal when the time comes to determine the division of the marital assets.   


In an ideal world, this type of appraisal would not be necessary but in these times, they have become much more frequent. Most homeowners don't know where to start in the foreclosure process and call their lender to begin the process. One of the first things the lender will want to know is the value of the property in question. They will have a real estate appraisal done by someone they hire. Once again, we can provide you with the "peace of mind" in having your own "unbiased" opinion of the property's current market value.



Of course our appraisal is based on facts and accurate data from within the specific market and many other parameters/indicators that are reconciled to determine the appraised value. Unfortunately, these "parameters and approaches to value"  are sometimes subjective especially when data is scarce or not exactly clear and can be construed as something other than the true facts. We can provide expert witness & court testimony to back up our conclusions in a professional, confident manner that will stand up to most any scrutiny. Call us for your real estate appraisal needs.

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About Us

William Paul

Coverage areas; Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County, McHenry Real Estate Appraiser William Paul

 With over 27 years of experience as an Illinois Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, I am "in-tune" with Chicago proper and the surrounding suburban markets, real estate appraisal trends and daily activity. You can be assured that the appraisal you receive will be accurate, factually based and will be my honest opinion of your property's value or my signature would not be on it.   

Your Home's Value


As most homes are an owner's most valuable asset, don't base it's value on some internet site for the determination of what it is worth in today's ever-changing market.  We provide a completely UNBIASED opinion of the market value that you can count on.

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The Appraisal Process

real estate appraisal process, inspection of the subject property, site and all factors

Each real estate appraisal is based on the specific need for the report by the "intended user", has a specific "scope of work" in that, there needs to be specific assignment details of what is expected within the report, the depth in reporting of the data and many other details including the delivery, confidentiality and parameters required to complete the assignment. Most often, the inspection of the property is both a complete interior and exterior inspection of the entire property, photos are taken to document the improvements, the home, garages, patios, decks or other improvements are noted and measured.  The appraiser must then define the specific market, trends, the immediate, surrounding and outlying areas as well as examine all factors that could have an effect on the value or marketability of the property. 

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